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TEMPERING, Nuova Vetreria Artistica, Cesena

Nuova vetreria artistica has taken what it considers to be a fundamental step and invested in a 1600x3200 oscillating glass tempering oven.
Certifying tempering activities according to applicable international standards (iso) which will make glass tempering mandatory for all complementary furnishing items, the choice was anticipated because of the definite advantages of tempered glass.
One of the main positive aspects of furnishing items made from tempered glass such as doors, tops and wings, relates to the greater safety of the glass for civil and home uses.
The sheet of glass is cut to the required maximum dimensions, which could be 1.6 x 3.20 m.
all operations, (such as grinding, chamfering, shaping, drilling and flaring) are performed before tempering.
The glass is then placed on a roller table on which is runs inside the oven, which heats it to a temperature of about 650°.
It is then quickly cooled by jets of air which give the product those organoleptic characteristics that make tempered glass a design object about six times stronger and much more safer than float glass.
The oven is used at 70%-80% of its capacity because the float glass introduced individually can, during oscillation, take on the above qualities which tempering conveys to glass undergoing such treatment in a uniform way over the whole surface.

The oven for the temprature: transform the plate glass safety and quality.

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